14 Cool things you can do as an early childhood trainer

child care director early childhood train-the-trainer Sep 02, 2021
14 Cool things you can do as an early childhood trainer

So you’d like to become a trainer.

That’s great, we need you

Your experience, expertise, wisdom and passion for young children and their families is as unique and different as you are. And somewhere in the world, there are those who need to hear what you have to say.

There are lots of ways you can make your mark as an Early Childhood Trainer. 

Here's a few ways to do just that...

  1. Present at local, regional, state, national, even international EC conferences
  2. Private trainings for child care centers
  3. Online webinars - independently or through different organizations
  4. 1-1 or individualized training for early childhood teachers
  5. Keynote speaking
  6. Trainer for curriculum companies
  7. Trainer for corporations who sell products to early childhood professionals
  8. Trainer for a corporate child care company
  9. Trainer for nonprofits who serve children and families
  10. Create a product to sell and create trainings that demo your product
  11. Create online training courses
  12. Create a podcast
  13. Create a YouTube channel
  14. Create a Facebook community where you implement training

Which of these sounds fun to you?

Which one scares you but somewhere within you think, “I’d really love to do that”?

Or better yet, “I think I’m called to do that”?

Email me with your questions about our upcoming Train-the-Trainer workshop. It’s coming soon and I’d love for you to join us.

Because once you're on the Trainer Registry and you've got some experience under your belt, the possibilities are endless. 

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