3 Things Your Baby Needs To Sleep Through The Night

Mar 28, 2022

Are you well-rested?

Odds are, if your baby isn't sleeping well at night, then you aren't.

How can you help your little one stop waking up throughout the night? Better yet, how can you help them put themselves back to sleep when they do?

That’s what we explore in this week's episode of Parenting in the First 3 Years.

Here’s a little warm-up of what you’ll hear from my guest, Joanna Clark, who’s a Gentle Sleep Coach…

  • It's normal for babies to have incoherent sleep patterns/ disruptions at this stage.
  • It's normal for babies to be distracted during feedings & need to be fed at night.
  • It's normal for developmental milestones to disrupt routines.
  • It's normal for parents to tend to their baby's needs with extra care during this time.
  • It's normal for babies to need to be taught good sleep skills.

Did that last one surprise you a little?

Joanna has a lot of opinions on sleep training, and shares the 3 skills every infant needs before they can become a successful independent sleeper.

Take a listen:

Help Your Baby Sleep Better at Night

Parenting in the First 3 Years Podcast

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