Allergic food reactions can happen anytime...

Mar 11, 2018

A few days ago, a friend told me that she had gone to a sushi restaurant the week before and she didn’t know what she’d eaten that triggered it but her eyes and lips swelled up immediately. The swelling lasted for several days and was painful.

"I couldn't leave the house."

She was really concerned but absolutely clueless about what caused it.

This is a great example of how unexpected food reactions can catch us off guard – because they can happen anytime, with no prior warning!

My friend will get some testing to find out exactly what caused the reaction, but it's likely shellfish, one of the top 8 food allergens. Research indicates that her next reaction will likely be even more severe – which might mean her throat could close up. She’s probably going to need to start carrying an epipen in her purse…

This is why everybody who works with and around children needs to be keenly aware of the signs of allergic reactions to food and what to do when a child experiences it. Call 911? Give a dose of Benadryl? Call parents and ask if it's happened before? Just wait and see? 

Your quick (and knowledgeable) response can save a life!

To learn what you need to know about emergency responses to food allergies, click here.


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