Avoiding Allergic Outbreaks in the Classroom

Sep 21, 2015

In the close quarters of a childcare center or school, we have to find ways to keep allergic outbreaks from occurring. Little hands like to touch and explore everything they see, so it is the job of the grownups to keep them safe.

To keep your students safe during meal and snack time, here are some tips to follow:

  • All food brought from home should be clearly labeled with the children’s name to avoid a mix up
  • If preparing food at the center, have the parents read the labels of all food used in preparation
  • Be conscientious about cross-contamination. Always prepare food for the children with allergies first
  • During meal time, separate children with allergies from those whose food might contain allergens
  • Some centers have implemented a ¨no allergen¨ guideline, not allowing the top allergens to be a part of any meals or snacks
  • Implement a ¨no sharing¨ policy among the students
  • Make sure all students wash their hands with soap and water after eating. Hand sanitizer does not wash away allergens!

Outside of mealtime, there are other activities that can contain allergens. Here is a short list of different craft supplies to be aware of:

  • Play dough contains wheat
  • Macaroni contains wheat and egg
  • Crayons and Crayola brand markers contain soy
  • Egg cartons used for planting seeds can have residue left over on them
  • Sensory tables often contain grains, seeds, etc.
  • Any re-purposed jugs or bottles that once held an allergen can pose a risk

As you can see, allergens can lurk in many different places, even some we never thought about! Although it might take a little time and effort in the beginning to implement an allergy safety plan, the benefits are great.

Understanding food allergies can save a life.

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