Connecting With Your Child Amid Stress and Trauma

Apr 11, 2022


It seems to come with the territory of parenting.

We worry about...

... whether we can break the unhealthy patterns from our own childhood.
... if the isolation of a pandemic will affect our child.
... how the uncertainty of today’s world will affect our child's future.

In today's podcast episode, bestselling author Holly Elissa Bruno reflects on how we can manage this uncertainty, including tips on how you can connect deeply with your child amidst stress and uncertainty.

Take a listen:

Trauma in Early Childhood with Holly Elissa Bruno

Parenting in the First 3 Years

If you experienced trauma in your own childhood, I’d highly recommend her book, Happiness is Running Through the Streets to Find You: Translating Trauma’s Harsh Legacy Into Healing. It's very powerful.

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