Do I See Letters In Those Scribbles?

Apr 04, 2022

I love how predictable child development is. From learning to walk, talk, play with others, build with blocks, even the marks made on a page, we can predict what children will do next, as they grow towards autonomy and independence.

In this video, I help you decipher what you see in children's artwork, outlining the stages of writing - from big arm scribbles of a toddler, to lines and letter-like forms to writing your name. It's all predictable!

These Play School videos are created for parents and they're also great for teachers. 👍🏼

Today is a great day to knock out some of those clock hours. Click here to take a course at Texas Child Care Training.

Thanks for always having blank paper and markers that actually write in your classroom. What you do every day enables children to be successful later in life. 😍

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