It's Not Just Random Play

Mar 21, 2022

What's the favorite activity in your class? I'm guessing it might be blocks!

Block play... seems like it's just stacking and knocking over, with a little pretend sprinkled in. But actually there are developmental stages in block play. How toddlers play with blocks is different from preschoolers, which is different from school-agers.

There's lots of math, science, cognitive and language learning when children play with blocks. Not to mention figuring out how to work with a friend to build something really cool and tall. And how to move your body as you build so you don't knock it over accidentally.

Watch the video for a description of the stages of block play and what you can expect at each age.  

This would be a great resource to share with your parents (as you'll see, it's actually created for parents)  It just helps when everyone understands the "whys and what-fors" of children's play. 👍🏼


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Thanks for all you do every single day to care for children and keep them safe. You make our world better. 😍

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