The One Thing I Changed in My Kitchen

May 09, 2022

Little ones love to help especially when it involves food.

When we built our house (from a floor plan we bought from Southern Living magazine!), we made a slight modification to the kitchen.

I made the end portion of our kitchen island about 8" lower than standard counter height.

Why? Because I wanted our kids to be able to do things for themselves and help with cooking.

It must've been a good move because they all love to cook now. My son even has his own food truck!

There are so many things that babies and toddlers can do for themselves, and in this week’s podcast episode, I learned about the Montessori method of weaning a 6-month-old.

My guest, Sarah Moudry, who’s a Montessori educator and interior designer, explains how to help your baby move from bottles to the family table with gentle guidance, helping them to be a part of every meal.

Take a listen:

Introducing Solid Food the Montessori Way with Sarah Moudry

Parenting in the First 3 Years

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