Back to School for Child Care Teachers

Aug 03, 2017
Back to School for Child Care Teachers

Summer is coming to an end and, even if you are in year-round childcare, back-to-school time brings new changes to your classroom. New faces, new personalities, and new opportunities are all a part of the beginning of the year routine and the first weeks are spent creating a classroom community where everyone knows what to expect. Whether you have been teaching for years or you’re new on the job, we can help you make your classroom a fun and inviting place!

Download our printable: Establishing Classroom Rules 

Some ideas for the first weeks of school…

  • Take a walk around the school as a class and learn the names of different places… like the kitchen, different classrooms, teacher workroom, playground storage, school office. Introduce staff members at the different locations to your children.  This builds a sense of community.
  • Say your own name often! Help children get to know you by sharing facts about yourself – your family, your pets, your favorite color, etc.
  • Ask parents to send a photo of the child with their family to display in the classroom.
  • Take a tour of the playground, taking time in each area to talk about safety and rules for play.
  • Post picture directions for everyday routines, like washing hands, toileting, putting your belongings in your cubby.
  • Say something special to each child at the beginning and end of every day! Build relationships by learning about the interests of each child.


Here is an example of a fun way for your students to participate in daily attendance.

Have your students sign in by themselves and put their name cards on a home/school list!


Great classroom management benefits everybody – children, teachers, parents, and schools! Take our Positive Guidance course in the month of August and receive one more course free!

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