The Benefits of Circle Time in Your Classroom

Oct 12, 2015
The Benefits of Circle Time in Your Classroom

Circle Time is Just Plain Fun!

Coming up with fun and educational activities that can reach all ages can be a daunting task for any childcare worker. If you are looking to put new life back into your classroom, give circle time a try! Circle time is unique because you have the ability to incorporate an endless amount of different activities-from reading books to doing group projects- that all focus around a specific learning goal.

As children and teachers come together to talk and learn, a feeling of community grows and children become more comfortable functioning as a group.  (Boisvert and Gainsley, 2006)

‘Me’ vs ‘We’

Apart from just the fun activities, circle time is beneficial to the development of young children by helping to switch their perception of a ¨me¨ centered world to a ¨we¨ centered world. The skills that young children learn in circle time will benefit them as they enter elementary school and through the rest of their life! These skills include:

  • Learning to express yourself in a group
  • Taking turns
  • Cooperation
  • Learning how to be a part of the community

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