Conversations with Kids

Nov 15, 2015
Conversations with Kids

There’s something I want to tell you!

Thursday morning, 9:00am…

Jett: “I have a cut on my butt.”

Me: “Ouch! You scraped your bottom? That hurts.”

Jett:   “Yeah. I did before too. I had two cuts on my butt.”

Ariana: “I don’t have any cuts on my butt.”

Me:   “That’s good!”

These are the kinds of conversations I have with children when I go visit their classroom to do professional development coaching with PreK teachers. I love how kids speak with no filters – they are purists when it comes to conversation!

Quality over Quantity

Research psychologists and experts in early learning have identified the power of engaged conversation – no matter where it occurs – as making a difference in language acquisition. But this is an area where quality is more important than quantity… endless chatter will be tuned out. Engaged, dynamic conversations, spattered with new words for the child, will help them become great conversationalists.

It’s one of my favorite things about my job, having conversations with kids!

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