Creating a Calm Classroom for Those With ASD

Sep 18, 2015
Creating a Calm Classroom for Those With ASD

When working with young children you must be observant. Once you’ve observed atypical development in a child, you have to change the way YOU interact and make accommodations in the classroom environment.

Here are a few tips for your classroom that can help accommodate a child who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD):

  • Create a safe environment by setting up a ¨safe place¨, a special spot for those that need to calm down when upset or just need to be alone for a minute
  • Reduce the clutter in your classroom as this can overwhelm a child with ASD
  • Think about reducing the amount of colorful posters and drawings on the walls
  • Have an adult with ASD come into your classroom and tell you what they see or feel
  • Keep a consistent classroom routine, as this can be reassuring to a child with ASD
  • Speak in a softer voice

Odds are, you will have at least one student with ASD in your classroom. By understanding the reasons for their behavior and not expecting them to do things they are not capable of doing, you can change your expectations of your students with ASD and increase your effectiveness in teaching.

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