Creating Circle Time Content: Telling Stories

Sep 14, 2015
Creating Circle Time Content: Telling Stories

Adding circle time to a classroom’s activities can be a great way to enrich the everyday teaching experience. If you are looking for a way to help boost your students’ imaginations and communication, telling stories as part of circle time can help with that.

Research tells us that storytelling is “perhaps the most powerful way that human beings organize experience” and there is a sequential way in which children develop into storytellers. By age 3, a child is able to construct and tell a story, without the help of an adult.  (Genishi and Honig, 2009)

Storytelling can also be used to work out conflict and solve problems. Using props, such as puppets, you can act out problems that have come up in your classroom or use them to teach a learning lesson.

Start by making up your own stories, or telling stories that the students may already be familiar with. To further draw in the children, go around the circle and have them each tell their own little story. This can be fun for older children who can build off the story of the child who went before them. While the children are sharing their stories, don’t forget to write them down. These stories can be used later for different activities such as painting, drawing, or even acting out their stories with the group

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