Did you hear that?

Jun 19, 2015
Did you hear that?

One thing we all know about hanging out with children is that it’s really important to talk to them.  This is how they learn the language and become people who can speak, read, write and communicate well with others.  The amazing thing is how well they can do this at such a young age, under the right circumstances.  Here’s are some quotes from a little girl who turned 3 in April of this year, so she is not even 3 ½ yet.

“Mommy, you have halitosis.  You need to brush your teeth!”

“I’m frustrated because it’s too complicated!”

When explaining to her daddy that she really, really needed to go potty… “My bottom is going to erupt like a volcano!  Lava is going to come through.”

I promise I am not making this up!  Those are some big words and concepts and she’s using them correctly!  This is a child whose family has been speaking with her since birth, exposing her to many different things, including her in conversations, explaining new words and what they mean, and then using the new words in everyday conversation and LISTENING to her when she speaks.

Listening to children, this is one way we can be kind to them.

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