Directors: The Backbone of Childcare Centers

Oct 22, 2017
Directors: The Backbone of Childcare Centers

Whether you have been a child care center director for many years or many months, you have probably heard (or experienced) how hard it is to keep your staff turnover rate low. According to research, the turnover rate for ECE teachers is extremely high, averaging around 30% annually! (source here)

Although some reasons for the high turnover rate (salary) are something you cannot personally do anything about, reasons such as staff moral, hostile work environments, and lack of administrative support are all in your control!

“Most of the studies have agreed that insufficient compensation was reason for high turnover. However, environmental and personal characteristics, such as lack of support from administrators and coworkers, and motivation, should not be overlooked as reasons of teacher’s decision to leave the job”

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According to Roger Neugebauer, a writer and educator on ECE, the best run childcare centers are the ones in which the directors take the time to make people love to work for them.

“The well director doesn’t work to make people love her, but makes people love to work for her.” – Roger Neugebauer

How can you do that? Take a look at the infographic below for 12 reasons why people love to work for you and read Roger’s original article here.


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