Halloween: It’s all about pretend play!

Oct 21, 2015
Halloween: It’s all about pretend play!

As Halloween nears, excitement grows… I’m sure you’re hearing lots of conversations about costumes and what children are “going to be” for Halloween. It’s a great day for kids – it combines two of their favorite things – pretend play and candy! And so many grownups join in on the pretend play as well, which makes it even better.

When a child puts on a costume, in their minds, they actually become the character. If they are dressed like a superhero, they have the ability to fly, leap across the room, shoot spider webs from their hand and save the world. This ability to come outside yourself and into the mind of another character is a developmental milestone – the ability to understand what another person might be thinking or act in a way that another person might act.

Preschoolers are able to interact with one another in their roles and plan how they will play together. This is one way they develop self-regulation, as they really want to stick to the roles and rules of the play, which helps them control their impulses, coordinate with others and make plans.

Who knew that putting on a Halloween costume could encourage this kind of cognitive, social, and emotional growth?  Embrace the fun!

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