Sing Baby, Sing

May 06, 2017
Sing Baby, Sing

Children don’t care how you sing, just that you sing! – Ann McKitrick

Infants and children LOVE music! Whenever music starts playing or someone starts singing you are bound to see a child nodding their head, babbling along with it or even succumbing to full blown dance mode! Not only is music fun but studies have also shown that music is beneficial for cognitive and sensory development in small children.

In our classrooms, music can play a vital part of our day, inviting and engaging children (even infants) to join in on the fun. One way I like to introduce music is during whole group or circle time. There are many ways to incorporate music into circle time, here are a few:

  • Singing songs
  • Listening to different kinds of music (broadening your student’s musical horizon)
  • Playing instruments together
  • Listening to and imitating different rhythms using instruments or handclaps
  • Dance!
  • Make up your own songs and chants together
  • Invite a guest musician to come into the classroom and play

Click here to download my printable: How Music Benefits Development

Remember, the most important things about music, HAVE FUN! You may feel a little self-conscious about singing, but children don’t care how you sing, they just care THAT you sing! 

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