May 09, 2015

Hi and welcome to my website!

I’m a person who’s always enjoyed hanging out with kids. I like to think I inherited this from my wonderful mom, who always delighted in any baby or young child that crossed her path. When I was growing up, she opened a daycare center at our church. Today that daycare is a thriving, highly regarded preschool, MDO, and child care center.

When I was a baby, she began taking child development classes at San Jacinto College to prepare herself to be the first director of the daycare center. She always told me that she loved watching me grow and learn because she was learning about developmental stages in her classes. When I was 7, the daycare opened and I was a permanent fixture there, not as a child in a class, but as a “helper”. I’d help the teachers, run errands and I loved reading the administrative files! Fast-forward a few decades… I now teach the same classes my mom took years ago at San Jacinto College, I’ve served children and families in some capacity for the last 30 years – as a teacher, director, teacher trainer, children’s pastor, foster parent, college instructor, literacy coach, RDI™ consultant-in-training… bottom line, I never get tired of learning about children! I love watching them, figuring out what makes them tick, and then sharing that knowledge with their parents and teachers.

So excited about this new venture! I hope what you find here will be helpful and give you fresh eyes for the children in your world.

Always be kind to children.

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