Well That's Funny

Apr 24, 2022


Just like everything else when it comes to children, humor is developmental and amazingly enough, it starts really early in life.

Babies laugh before they talk, which makes laughter one of the earliest hints on how they are experiencing the world.  What’s funny to children changes with time, as their cognitive or intellectual development increases and that little personality begins to emerge.

Laughter is one of the first steps in learning to communicate and typically begins around 3-4 months of age.  Then just a few months later, what's funny to them changes. At 6 months, the unexpected becomes really funny. Here's an example:

In your work, you get to watch children's sense of humor develop from amusement at a dancing toy to potty humor that older preschoolers through schoolers think is hilarious. 💩 😂   At this point, humor becomes a tool for creating social relationships.

Take a listen to this podcast to learn how each stage of humor unfolds (and share it with your parents!)

What Makes Babies Laugh?

Click below to listen to this 15-minute episode

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Thanks for what you do every day to keep children laughing.

You make their world happy. 😍

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