What makes some trainings so good and some so boring?

tot Sep 05, 2021
What makes some trainers so good and some so boring? Ann McKitrick TOT

What makes great training for early childhood professionals?

You know, I think we all might have a different answer to that question. After years of attending conferences, training, and classes I can tell you what appeals to me and what makes me want to quietly duck out the back door.

As you begin your training career, you’ll figure out how you can create great training. Finding your niche, or specialty is part of the process. So is defining your personal style - how you can best connect with and share your expertise with the audience in a way that feels comfortable and authentic.

Here are a few trademarks of a great presentation:

  • The presenter is well-prepared and their delivery is smooth
  • The visuals are full of interesting images, not a bunch of text
  • Stories are used to illustrate teaching points
  • The presenter does not stay behind a podium the whole time
  • There’s a kinesthetic aspect to the learning - participants don’t just sit and listen
  • The audience participates - it’s not just the presenter speaking the whole time

So what does this mean for you, as the presenter?

  1. You find out who your audience is, what problem they need help with, and meet them where they are
  2. You research and find impactful stories that illustrate your content.
  3. You follow best practices when creating your PowerPoint presentation.
  4. You figure out how to actively engage the audience, using best practices for adult learning.
  5. You practice, practice, and then practice some more so you feel confident and composed.

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